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"Every hatchling is a treasure, bringing us one step closer to preventing extinction."


Space is limited, and releasing hatchlings into the wild is not yet practical;

ex-situ facilities to raise these magnificent creatures are needed. 

Cuora cyclornata - What do we do?

We manage the European Studbook for Cuora cyclornata (and also for C. trifasciata), and follow the goal to create new and genetically diverse assurance groups in the Western Hermisphere.

We are successful in reproducing this species, but our space is limited. Sending specimens back to their home countries of Vietnam, China and Laos is currently not an option. Due to their trade value, releases would end up in the trade quickly. As long as this remains the case, captive assurance colonies are the only solution for preserving the species.

Are you interested, and able to provide space for such a group? Contact us by filling in the fields below.

Please note: Turtles in our assurance colonies are NOT available for sale or change of ownership; participation in the Studbook is made by legally contracted loan of specimen(s).

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