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Cuora couro (Leschenault de la Tour in Schweigger, 1812)

  • Cuora couro couro

  • Cuora couro kamaroma (Rummler & Fritz, 1991)

This species is distributed throughout Indonesia (with the Exception of Papua, the Moluccas and Sulawesi), southern and central Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.

Two subspecies are currently regarded as valid.

C. c. couro inhabits Malaysia (incl. the Borneo area) and the Indonesian Islands of Sumatra, Borneo, Java and the Sunda Islands east up to Timor, and shows a flater carapace thant C.c.kamaroma. It reaches an SCL of 18-24 cm.

C. c. kamaroma inhabits the southeast Asian mainland including Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and eastern Myanmar, and also the Nicobar and possibly Andaman Islands of India. C. a. kamaroma is more terrestrial than the former subspecies and its carapace is high-domed. It can grow to 18-26 cm SCL.

While generally still pretty abundant in many parts of its range, C. couro is still intensely hunted for local consumption and export to China, and some populations have been heavily depleted.




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