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"Scientific research involves going beyond the well-trodden and well-tested ideas and theories that form the core of scientific knowledge. During the time scientists are working things out, some results will be right, and others will be wrong. Over time, the right results will emerge."

Lisa Randall

Research Focus:

  • Conservation, ecology, taxonomy and evolution of the Genus Cuora

  • Studying the phylogeny and taxonomy of Genus Cuora​.

  • Active field research to gain a better understanding of the species native ecology to improve captive husbandry and set the path for future release projects.

  • Linking  protective measures for species conservation in the field, in-situ and ex-situ.

  • Studying the genetic composition and best population sizes to guarantee the long-term survival of this Genus in captivity and in nature and manage/advice the Studbooks accordingly.

  • Actively collaborating with the Studbooks for the different Cuora species to improve captivey husbandry and to conserve the species through captive breeding with the best possible genetic variability.

  • Raise awarness of this imperiled Genus via Publications, Presentations and local awareness raising.

  • Surveying the Chinese Turtle Market dynamics and the growing Chinese Turtle Farming Industry.



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