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A potentially huge range, but nothing is known about this species in the wild!

Unknown to Science to occur in Henan Province until our teams visit...

We have hope we can still find them in the wild, somewhere in their huge distribution range.... wish us luck.


Cuora pani - what do we do?

With peaks up to 3767m asl, the Qin mountain range covers more than 200,000 Km² and is in one of the hardest to access areas of China. This is where Cuora pani occurs! It inhabits the streams in the valleys of the Qin Mountainrange that cover app. 30,000 Km² in the central chinese provinces of Gansu, Sichuan, Chongqing, Shaanxi, Hubei and as we learned during a survey for Cuora aurocapitata in 2012, also from Henan province.  

Teaming up with Xinyang University we were able to visit a Turtle Farmer who had collected a group of this elusive species in this province.

Scientists have no clue on the status of this species and since its description back in 1984 by Song, who collected  two males at Xujiaba in Shaanxi Province in 1981, none have been found by researchers.

The species thrives at our Center and reproduces anually in growing numbers.

We are planning to do a detailed field research in the near future to learn more about its status in the wild.


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