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Knowledge is Power...

... but only when shared!

We try to share it around the world.


Awarness Raising - What do we do?

When it comes to the sharing of knowledge this world can be split into two kinds of people; those who hoard knowledge, and those who share it. The key argument of the hoarders goes as follows, “I spent a lot of time and effort in learning what I know. This knowledge gives me an edge over my competitors. So why should I share my knowledge and cut the branch on which I am sitting?”

We see this differently, any successful project has one thing at it’s core: effective collaboration which can only be achieved through the sharing of knowledge.  And this is what we try to celebrate by sharing our knowledge on this Website, Facebook, in colorful Articles and scientific papers but also in direct contact with people, at symposia, workshops, meeting and gatherings of Enthusiasts and Scientists around the globe, at local villages during our field research trips, meetings with local officials etc. and always in close collaboration with our Partners. Only in this way people can learn and understand why it is so important to try to conserve what we still have and provide a basis for future Generations to try and make things better than we did.


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