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Cuora amboinensis (Riche in Daudin 1801)

  • Cuora amboinensis amboinensis

  • Cuora amboinensis aurantiae (Blanck et al. 2023)


Cuora amboinensis  was the first Cuora species described to science by Daudin in 1802, based upon a specimen from the Island of Ambon, Maluku (Moluccas). The holotype has since been lost.

This species is ranging throughout the Indonesian Island of Sulawesi, the Malaku Islands and the islands in the Celebes and Banda Seas.

Two subspecies are currently regarded as valid.

The nominate subspecies of Cuora amboinensis, C. a. amboinensis, has a comparatively flat profile,and bright yellow head stripes, while C.a. aurantiae shows a bright orange head pattern.

While generally still pretty abundant in many parts of its range, C. amboinensis is still intensely hunted for local consumption and export to China, and some populations have been heavily depleted.




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