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Working Towards a Brighter Future for

a Vanishing Genus


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The Cuora Conservation Center:

Turtles are considered to be the most threatened vertebrate group on earth today.

52% of turtle species have either gone extinct or are currently threatened with extinction.


Here at Cuora Conservation Center, we are driven by a single goal: to help prevent the extinction of the most critically endangered turtle genus on earth, together with our global partners and supporters, the genus


The Asian turtle genus Cuora consists of 17 species; 10 species are ranked among the Top 25 most endangered turtle species on earth. At least two of them are considered to be extinct in the wild, being the first two Chelonian species on this unenviable list.

These losses occurred within the past few decades, and their regrettable fate now looms over most other species in this genus.


We are an official Category A Zoological Garden and act as an Arc for these critically endangered Cuora species.

The Cuora Conservation Center, a non-profit organisation, maintains viable assurance colonies of 16 of these turtle species, including all recognised subspecies and evolutionary significant units, and breeds these species annually. For species with seemingly bleak futures, breeding groups in captivity are the best chance to preserve the species for future generations by producing specimens for release projects once measures are taken to reestablish safe habitats.

We also conduct:

  • In-Situ research in the habitats of these turtle species to better understand their biology and threats to their survival.

  • Taxonomic research on the genus, which has resulted in new species descriptions - important for defining biologically significant units for the purpose of conservation and legislation.

  • In-Situ head-starting and release projects in collaboration with local partners.

  • Active collaboration in the European Studbook Foundation with other Zoos and the private sector to create new bloodlines in captivity.

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"Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does."

- William James


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